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Turnkey Datacenter Solutions

Volta Power drafts, plans and implements high-MTBF data centres and IT environments that are super-efficient in all aspects . Based on the requirements, our expert team will devise optimised, perfectly functioning IT centres  for every size of company.

Data Centre Construction

  • Engineering & Design to implement complete data centres
  • Site management and execution
  • Complete Project Management Consultancy
  • Handling of all licensing procedures and approvals
  • Preparation of various certifications (safety, energy efficiency, availability)

IT Infrastructure

  • Customized Server racks and Network enclosures
  • Scalable IT cooling concepts with scalability in mind
  • Design of Modular power distribution and backup
  • High-MTBF IT security rooms, including certificates
  • Complete system accessories for IT environments and data centres

Civil and Interiors

  • An in-house team of Engineers to handle all aspects of Interior Design, Layouts, Plans and Elevation and all construction related drawings
  • Well versed teams who are abreast with emerging trends and technologies
  • Customer-centric approach to meet the exact requirements of the clients
  • Typical services include false ceiling partitions, design of furniture, floorings, paintings, etc.
  • Strategic tie-up with manufacturers, suppliers and importers to source the best of materials
  • Flexible modes of Business Engagement
  • Knowledge of over 100 Product Lifecycles

HVAC Works

HVAC design engineering is provided for residential, commercial & industrial Hvac systems. We provide the detailed engineering of various types of HVAC systems  - including chilled water, direct expansion, air cleaning, contamination control, clean air, etc.

Typical Services include:

  • Cooling and Heating Load
  • Cooling Load Formulas
  • Fan Pressure Drop
  • Pump Pressure Drop
  • Refrigerant Pipe Sizing
  • Fan Performance
  • Pump Performance
  • Air Leakage
  • Pipe insulation
  • HVAC Unit conversion

Volta Power provides guidelines on HVAC design, equipment, maintenance, and operation. The guidelines are provided on Hvac Design, Chillers & DX Units, Refrigerants, Fans, Dampers, Filtration


  • Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of HT & LT cables in trenches, trays and pipes.
  • Erection of 132/33 KV, 33/11 KV Sub- Stations, 33/11 KV lines
  • Fabrication and erection of equipment supporting structures for E.H.V. / HV
  • Erection, Testing and Commissioning of power transformers up to 250 MVA including loading and unloading operations.
  • Erection, Testing and Commissioning of MOCB, ACB, VCB and SF-6 Circuit breakers and other protective equipments for sub-stations.


  • Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of HT & LT switchboards, power control centers, motor control centers, distribution boards, automatic control panels, generator panel, electronic panels, PLC panels, relay & control panels, rising mains, control desks, capacitor panels, bus bars, AC & DC drives, A.M.F. control panels.
  • Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of LT distribution systems including main LT Panel, PDB, SDB, LDB and end termination.
  • Supply, installation, testing & commissioning of HT & LT cables in trenches, trays and pipes.
  • Design, Supply, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of HT/LT Panels, HT/LT
  • Cables with terminations, Transformers, DG sets, complete low side electrical works, Lighting, earthing etc.

Construction of Electrical Sub Stations

Design to Commissioning of Substations of ratings upto 220 kV. The scope of the services broadly covers Soil Investigation, Structural Foundations-cum-Construction, Supply and Installation of Equipment, Earth Mats, Cable Duct Runs, Control Rooms, Approach Roads, Culverts, Switch Yards, Fencing, Terminal Bays, Installation and Testing of Power Transformers, Breakers, Isolators, CT/PT, Lightning Arrestors, Control and Relay Panels, Battery Banks, Yard Lights and Air Conditioning of Control Room.

Industrial Energy Audit

Energy Audit provides the vital information base for overall energy conservation program covering essentially energy utilization analysis and evaluation of energy conservation measures. Energy Audit attempts to balance the total energy inputs with its use and serves to identify all the energy streams in the systems and quantifies energy usage’s according to its discrete function. Energy Audit helps in energy cost optimization, pollution control, safety aspects and suggests the methods to improve the operating & maintenance practices of the system.


Typical Services include:

  • Identifying the quality and cost of various energy inputs.
  • Assessing present pattern of energy consumption in different cost centers of operations.
  • Relating energy inputs and production output.
  • Identifying potential areas of thermal and electrical energy economy.
  • Highlighting wastage’s in major areas.
  • Fixing of energy saving potential targets for individual cost centers.
  • Implementation of measures for energy conservation & realization of savings.
  • Analysis of energy usage within a building or facility.
  • Conditioned space, or comprehensive or tactical energy surveys for industrial facilities.
  • Listing of energy efficiency measures derived from building and facility performance.
  • Advise on reducing energy usage without negatively impacting the company’s everyday practices.
  • Audited equipment include HVAC, lighting, and plug load.


Contact us for Energy Audit, Energy Assessment, New Building and Industrial Commissioning

Engineering Services

  • Energy analysis, process optimisation, conceptual design, engineering, project management and contract management services.
  • We strive for a cleaner and sustainable environment.
  • Cost –effective Solutions and services.
  • Incorporating Plant and personnel safety features in all our Design Services of savings.

Plant Electrification Services

We are committed to providing Quality Product and Services to the Customers for Plant Electrification services. The Plant Electrification work covers Conceptual studies and detailed Engineering, Electrical Schemes and Single Line Diagrams, Sizing and Selection of Electrical Equipment, Metering and Protection Schemes, Indoor Switch gear distribution Boards and Cubicle, Control, Indication and Alarm Annunciation System, D.C. Control Power Supply Equipment, AC Auxiliary Power Supply Equipment, Optimized solutions for the selection of the plant automation system.

Volta Power undertake total electrification of process plants such as Paper Mill, Sugar Mill, Bio-mass generation plants etc.

Typical Services include :

  • Conceptualisation, Design, Engineering procurement, erection, testing and commissioning
  • Sub-Station in co-ordination with local utility
  • Associated transmission / distribution line to supply / evacuate power
  • HT/LT distribution of power inside the plant premises
  • Load centers
  • Area and Street Lighting


Design to Commissioning of Substations and Switch Yard works of Power Plants. The scope includes HV Substation, Bus Ducts and/or Cable and Connections, Transformers, Generator Circuit-breakers, Excitation Equipment, Power Plant Main, LV/MV Switchgear, LV-MCC Distribution, Switchgear, UPS System, Batteries/Inverters, Diesel Sets, and DCS System/Main Control.

Volta Power has extensive knowledge to undertake turnkey system integration of eBOP specifically customised to different power plant types, such as oil & gas fired combined cycle power plants, coal fired boiler power plants and hydro power plants as well as industrial sized turbine and boiler power applications.

We offer complete solution encompassing engineering, supply, manufacture, delivery to site, installation, commissioning, testing, and ensure the quality of the eBOP integration into the complete instrument, control and electrical system of your power facility. Through innovative electrical power applications we assist utilities build and maintain reliable power system installations safely and efficiently, offering cost effective solutions.

BOP equipment include:

  • HV Switchyard AIS / GIS
  • Power Transformer
  • Bus Duct
  • Generator Circuit Breaker
  • MV Switchgear
  • Static Frequency Converter
  • Station Supply AC/DC
  • Cable System
  • Emergency Diesel
  • Light and Small Power
  • Earthing and Lightning

Industrial Automation

Design, Engineering of power Automation for Medium and Large scale Power Plants Automation of cement plant automation, Steel plant automation, sugar plant, mining such as conveyers, material handling, SCADA for substation automation, etc.

Project Management Consultancy


Ensure on time delivery

Seamless project coordination

Hedge risks on cost , time and quality

Manage project objectives better


Control project budget

On time delivery & move in

Ensures quality contructions

Co-ordinate among stakeholders

Value & Re-engineering

Professional Documentation